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Gye Nyame Oware Mancala

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Exquisitely carved with the Adinkra symbol this “Oware” game table is as functional as beautiful. Steeped in cultural tradition, oware has been a game played across the African

Oware is an example of the classic game of Africa played by Grandmasters but still easy to learn

Suitable for all ages over 5 and for kids develop maths and strategy skills while having fun
Language of Rules/Instructions: English
For ages: 6+

Number of players: 2

Average game time: 15 minutes

Mancala is the classic game of Africa that could well be the oldest board game in the world. There are hundreds of versions of the game throughout Asia and Africa but Oware from West Africa and the Caribbean is the best known. It is also the version of Mancala usually played at the competition level; however, it is simple to learn and is great for children, enhancing both maths and strategy skills.

These straightforward boards are hand-made in Ghana from Cedar hardwood. They have a pattern carved into the top that varies according to the whims of the craftsman but this has storage holes for the captured seeds.

Dimension : H16″ x L 21″ x W 9 Inches


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